An unforgettable stay

A seaside campsite near Propriano

Camping for relaxation

A campsite near Propriano nestled between a wooded park and the sea.

Idyllic holidays at Campsite Chez Antoine. A campsite near Propriano nestled between a wooded park and the sea where stillness and a soothing atmosphere fill the air. The rural landscape that invites you to take timeout and escape during the summer.

With friends or family, enjoy the experience of a unique getaway at the heart of Propriano and its splendid landscapes where the sun and the seaside meet in perfect harmony and make your relaxing memories unforgettable.

Campsite Chez Antoine's story is one of family, the Istria family, who have been in Olmeto for generations. The story of several generations can be felt at this campsite, a place for summer living only a stone's throw from seaside town of Propriano. A unique place where simplicity and authenticity are the guiding principles. Like getting back to basics, as close as you can get to a return to wild and untouched nature.

Mobile Home

A campsite near Propriano equipped with mobile homes and chalets with sea views.

Take time out to enjoy a unique holiday at the heart of a campsite near Propriano by the sea. With its perfect location by the sea, Campsite Chez Antoine offers holiday-makers mobile homes and cabins with panoramic sea views and all the comforts you need for a dream holiday on this beautiful island. During your stay, these functional and contemporary rentals feel like a home away from home. An equisite escape by the sea.
A magnificent region

The stillness of a campsite near Propriano by the sea

Secret inlets, pristine water, lush bush?southern Corsica offers a magnificent array of landscapes, one more breathtaking than the next. The Gulf of Valinco is without question one of the regions with the largest array of natural beauty combining heavenly beaches and mountainous panoramas. With an evocative contrast and the promise of unprecedented moments to enjoy at our campsite at Olmeto north of Propriano by the sea.
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The must-see campsite at Olmeto near Propriano by the sea.

Summer, the moment we've been waiting for all year. Synonymous with holidays, warm weather and sun, this is considered one of our favorite seasons. Young and old get together to spend to spend wonderful moments with family. What if your next holidays were spent in the heart of nature at our campsite near Propriano by the sea? Get ready for your stay in stillness with the help of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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